Poke that show: Walking dead Finale Prediction

Walking dead is drawing close to ending its season with just 2 more episodes left. Everyone is ecstatic on how the season has been and anxious on how the season would end. We were already shocked with the recent death of Denise, who was shot with an arrow on one eye. Apparently, season 6 is all about the eye. Kidding aside, every fan probably have their own predictions and the lazy bums are turning to Reddit for those fairies and their all seeing eye. Get it?

If some of us have read the comics are at least have an idea on what’s going on there, a scene that everyone is excited about is a main character’s death by Lucille. Yes, Lucille is Negan’s handy killer tool. I had watched the scenes from the trailer of the last episode and it looks like the only choices there would be Morgan and Aaron. For me though, I have a strong hunch that it would be Morgan.

First, just like any major character death, Morgan was given such this season just like Denise did. We were so excited when he came back but got angry because his character was not likeable. He was self righteous, too hopeful, impractical and most importantly, he was against Rick’s decision most of the time. Remember what happened to the last person who was against him?

Second, he is dead in the comics. He died after being bit and infected during the swarm in Alexandria. The series let him live probably because he is to take the place of Glenn’s death. He was building a prison room last episode, which is probably for Negan (SPOILER: after his defeat) and told Rick that he was building it for him to have more choices in the future. He did not include himself in that statement which hints us that he would not probably be there when it happens.

Lastly, his demeanor tells us everything. He lives in a chaotic world where the rest of his group is battling for survival and he is just there either letting the wolves go, letting one live and capture their resident doctor, brawling with Carol and others. While his perception of people may be possible thanks to his ‘master’ who died, it is not suitable at any way with the next arc for the next season. It is gonna be an all out war between the Kingdom (not yet shown), Alexandria and Hilltop against Negan and he is just there convincing them of how people can still be good.

The last episode shows us a person lying on the ground. I am pretty sure this is Morgan. If you look closely at the clothes while he was riding a horse then you can agree on me on this. So, it could be that he is already dead by Lucille. The only thing that bothers me I guess is that it would easy to predict if we just base it from this trailer. Plus, the one who was with Negan on the last scene is a white dude with short hair I think. So, it it were not Morgan, it could be Aaron.

I could say only a few things about Aaron at this point and it would suck to kill him off this early. Not to mention, his partner is still alive. This would make him the second LGBT killed in the second half of the reason, which would tick some activists again. Also, he is still alive in the comics.

On a side note, even if I predicted Morgan to be the last death for this season, I am hoping for Daryl to die by Lucille. Yes, it would anger some fangirls but hey, what is the best way to hate the best villain the comics? Kill off the most popular character! Plus, he has just been there for so long with little group value aside from being cute and badass killer. We already have Rick for that thank you.

So what are your predictions? Let me know. Fear the walking dead will continue after the series finale so we’ll have something  to talk about again. I hope this time it won’t be boring as the first.

Here is IGN’s article and trailer of the season finale:







Poke that game: League of Legends

Currently on it’s 6th season, League of Legends have come a long way since its beta and local release. My friend experienced playing in the US server when it was only available there but lucky for me, when I started liking the game, it was towards the end already of season 1 and they have released the game servers for other countries.

Being a DOTA player, I found LOL as comic and cartoony at first. Everything was bigger in size and the gameplay was simple. I slowly realized how the good the game was in many aspects and indulged myself in it until today.

Let’s talk about the obvious first. When it was released, you’d think they are copying DOTA heroes like drow ranger, medusa etc. The skillsets are actually different and it has been updated and changed multiple times as they balance the champs. They have since then released next champs that are unique in skill and play style. If you want your champ to look different from the rest, you may opt to buy skins at the cost of Riot Points/RP.

Speaking of Riot Points, they can be purchased via real money or credit card. It is the in game currency of LOL. Aside from that, they also have Influence Points which you need to purchase champs, runes or name changer. The prices are not that expensive and nor normally varies on how good the visual effects are for the new skins.

Runes are your power ups. They give you advantage against your opponents who doesn’t. There are lots of builds that you can have when it comes to runes and each has champion has their own runes that best suits them. They also have  Masteries which are basically your passive skills. It may vary from additional skill animations like thunderbolt are just boosting your overall stats. Masteries are very important for every new or pro player to know to win the game.

Winning the game is the goal of all players. Unlike DOTA where you can just farm on your own and just demolish everyone on your own, LOL stresses the importance of teamwork. You almost cannot win with an incomplete team no matter how good you are. Each player is assigned with a role: hard carries who are either overpowered in terms of attack damage or magic damage, jungler who is someone that farms on neutral ground and ganks lanes, tank who takes damage and sets fights for the team and my favorite role, support which make sure your team is alive through wards and protective skills. I used to be a hard carry in DOTA since supports there are like decorations or additional fodder. In LOL you can actually steal the spotlight just by playing really well.

Game modes can be played in teams of 5 or 3. They have normal queues, rank queues and custom games. Rank queues of course determines your rank as a player with the challenger tier as the cream of the crop. You also game rewards at the end of each season. Bets are very popular in any type of game. They normally set match in a custom game where you can have only specific people join. Other modes are seasonal modes like Poro King et. al.

This game is the future of MOBA games for me. There are other games like Heroes of Newerth and DOTA 2 but this is the biggest community so far. Others may argue, especially DOTA players but you may research google if your looking for statistics.

This is an awesome game for me. I would give it a perfect rating for visuals, sounds and gameplay. Whether you are a noob exploring the game or a pro player and let’s even include those occasional trolls, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Here is the link for those who are interested to play the game:





Poke that Movie: The Allegiant


So for the record, I have not watched the first installment of the movie. That given, the movie is a continuation from their previous victory as divergent and now called allegiant. At first glance, it quickly reminded me of hunger games. And I was right. The whole movie felt like I was watching Hunger games spin off. Basically, they win the war, a girl takes over and becomes too authoritative, a traitor whom they saved, a combat woman and that guy who is allied with them only becomes a traitor in the end. In the end, they go back and retake the city again much like the other more popular movie.

The acting were not bad unlike Katniss or Pete’s. In fact, I enjoyed watching these 2 ‘stars’ take on a different role. The major disappointment for me was the lack of diversity in plot. You pretty much know what is gonna happen next, who is the real villain and how the story would end. To make things worse, the antagonist is not convincing and has a facial reaction that never changes all throughout. Another anti-climatic thing for me is how the antagonist dealt with the insurgents. Hello? They have an amazing technology and could only come up with a gas that erases people’s memory? I could go on endlessly with how flawed the storyline is for me and I felt like leaving halfway.  It’s a shame how some people anticipated the movie only to fall flat in the end.

The end of the movie hints us that the fight is not over. However, I feel that it is game over for the series. Unless, they come up with something better then I won’t be looking forward to another 2 hours wasted. Now, I am starting to wish I have saved that money instead for Batman v Superman.  

What’s baking?

I haven’t been able to blog for a few days now because we moved to a bigger house! Yey! That also means, a lot of unpacking, cleaning and fixing needed to be done. Meanwhile, I’m keeping track of all the good stuff the came and will be coming soon:

1. Mid season premier of The Walking Dead
2. New season of Game of Thrones
3. Rupaul’s Drag Race season 8
4. Independence Day 2
5. X-men: Apocalypse




We’ll be poking all the good stuff and spitting on the bad once it is out from the oven and served. See you at dinner! 😉

Poke that show: The Walking Dead Season 6

If you are a big fan of the show just like me, then your valentines will also be with zombie eating guts and brains. Yes! The Walking dead is back from its mid season break and we are expecting really good stuff. First, I want those 2 annoying kids to die! Yes, trying to kill Carl almost guarantees that you are gonna die. The bratty little kid is a no brainer either. Look at the flowers ring a bell? The holding hands sequence will have all eyes watching whether they will stick with the comics or deviate again from it.

It has been an action packed season and as generally addressed all the qualms the fans have against the show. Looking for hoards of zombies? Check. Play with our emotion by a main character’s ‘death’, check. Character development? Check. Flashbacks? Check. Badass Carol? Check! Only thing that’s missing is a villain like governor which we expect to arrive very soon based from the mid season trailer.

Some of the bigger controversies on the show include Rick’s arm being cut off and Carl losing an eye. Walking dead has yet to unfold whether they want to keep them scratchless or please the crowd by following the comics version. The show has been known for its unpredictability so we are guaranteed to see something exciting for sure.

My death predictions for the main Characters are Abraham, Maggie and Tara. What happened to the last pregnant girl again? Yup, she’s dead and I see Maggie having the saving fate unless the show needs a playmate for Judith. They may try and reverse it a little and have Glenn live and foster parent Enid who looks like the replacement for Sophia fromt he comics. Abraham is really gonna die, period. Tara looks like she doesn’t have enough charisma to stay that long on the show so it is very possible that the show will dispense of her when they need someone to die. A rumour is that Heath will probably die as well since the actor has other shows to shoot. If that happens, it would suck, but it would stir up things a little since someone has to replace him. I’m guessing they would keep Morgan alive and kill Heath. What would make me really excited is if they kill Daryl, Michonne or Rick. Just don’t touch Carol or we RIOT! lol.

Walking dead are set to introduce Negan and Jesus in the next few episodes. I am thrilled to see Negan finally appear. He is very similar to Rick but more evil and sinister. If we compare him to the governor, he is just as twisted personality but is still to keep his sanity intact. Jesus and the Hilltop Community will be introduced soon as well. They will be like their barter friends and most of the plot will probably revolve there after them surviving the hoards of zombies attacking Alexandria.  They have not cast Ezekiel yet so we can guess that it is going to be a brief encounter with them this season and the rest will be for the next.

If you haven’t watched the previous seasons on Walking dead then you might find the story confusing but you will find it enjoyable to watch since there are a lot of action happening as of late. However, I suggest watching the previous seasons and I guarantee that it is worth it. If you are a fan of the show, then like me, we have our own expectations on what is going to happen but we will be anxiously waiting week after week again on what the show brings.

I am ready with my popcorn and coke. Let’s watch!


Poke that movie: DEADPOOL!


I’ll be blunt and straightforward, I loved it! It turned me on and was freakishly awesome! Now, if you are looking for unbiased, professional reviews then I suggest looking at http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/deadpool/ where all your famous critics give their insights. Good news though, It was generally favorable and the audience loved it as much as I do. I am going to describe it in a way an average homosexual Joe would look at it. (your guess was right). What is pansexual and why was deadpool described as such?

According to wikipedia:

Pansexuality, or omnisexuality,[1] is sexual attraction, romantic love, or emotional attraction toward people of any sex or gender identity.[2][3] Pansexual people may refer to themselves as gender-blind, asserting that gender and sex are insignificant or irrelevant in determining whether they will be sexually attracted to others.[4][5]

More popularly, people call them bisexuals as they woo both male and female. In this movie, we can see a lot of homoerotic references from the kissing, masturbating while holding a horse/unicorn thing, wolverine’s balls and of course that portrayed but not shown anal penetration. For me, if really did not matter if directors tried to win over the LGBT community or not because I came to see Deadpool because he is my kind of superhero.

Deadpool is your hero in denial. He is being recruited by Xavier University, a school more popularly known fostering mutants and X-men. Unlike your normal superhero, he does not have a code of ethics like not hitting women, not killing people, not destroying the city or even respecting the elderly.  He is eccentric, outlandish but also athletic and immortal. Yup, without spoiling much, his power is regeneration of any disease or wound. He sports two samurai swords and a gun. Well, he did have other weapons that he so often forgets to bring. Just like some popular superhero, he has his own tagline: “Maximum Effort” when he is going to to something epic.

So what makes the movie great? Deadpool offers action, comedy, romance and gore! Yes, in rare cases do we see all of them in one movie but it was executed flawlessly. The gore parts are necessary especially for those who played the video game as he became famous for merciless killing and gut spilling moves. I am not a fan of the romance portion of the movie but I guess you have to cater for those macho guys as well who are starting to think he is gay and will opt out of the movie. The story was less to be desired but thanks to Ryan Reynolds excellent acting, he single-handedly brought the movie to life. Ryan Reynolds was perfect for the film because he was both quirky and hot. If you want to know how hot he is, watch the movie and you’ll see his ripped body and dangling penis??? There is a short butt exposure and full frontal in the film so it was eye candy for women and gay viewers. His quirky attitude was spot on to Deadpool’s persona and the punchlines were delivered on point.

On the side note, the other characters like Ajax(Francis), Colossus and Super-Mega-Happy-Chinese-New-Year girl and her Iron booby girl did good as well. His partner in crime but I do not remember the name guy is also very entertaining and worked well with Ryan in delivering the comic lines we will remember from this movie. He is as close as he can get to your real life best friend who humiliates you and wants you dead but is there when you most need him. Vanessa, the girl for the sake of the the plot, was actually pretty decent. She was hot, erotic and smart. He is every horny guys dream girl, one who loves sex but can still make intelligent conversations and love you forever. Honestly though, for me Deadpool took all the glory and overshadowed them all.

Again, this movie does not offer you the best story. It was confusing for me at first since they have to go back and forth to past and recent events. The story revolved around how he got his mutant powers and how he used them. The movie tells us that super heroes does not always have to do something epic but just needs “4 or 5 moments” of glory as was mentioned by Colossus. Deadpool picks on Marvel in the most hilarious ways and points out the most obvious. My thoughts after watching the movie was “Fuck Wolverine and Spiderman, this shit is dope and is gonna kick every other superheroes’ ass” or maybe until Suicide Squad comes along.

Overall, the movie should be on your watch list. It is not for kids but is definitely something everyone will enjoy watching. The movie is fun, epic and deserves as sequel. It was mentioned that the sequel was already green-lit and with this much success on the first movie, I wouldn’t be surprised. I hope he does get a boyfriend by then!








Poke that anime: Hai to Gensou no Grimgar

Hai to Gensou no Grimgar is one three animes for me that are worth watching this season. I am sure that fans of Swort Art Online, Log Horizon or Overlord would disagree with me on this because this anime does not have any overpowered characters, cool looking characters you would want to buy a poster of for your otaku collection, badass villians that kept you watching until that fateful day they die, fast paced action scenes where everyone knows how to blink, fly and shoot laser beams, and of course an epic story of a hero battling to save humanity from the brink of extinction (sounds familiar from one anime this season? Yes, will talk about it later).

Hai to Gensou no Grimgar chose to deviate from the norms and showcase the survival of 6 novice adventurers. Conveniently, each of them chose a unique class but has very little experience with them. The anime is very slow paced, VERY SLOW PACED, and I had to say it thrice because it really is very slow paced. It took them multiple episodes to defeat a low level goblin and still struggling to do so as we speak. What got me hooked though is how this feels close to reality if I were to be in the exact same spot as they were. Gamers are able to emphatize with what they are going through because they start where everyone in an RPG game start: noob and poor. They are a party with a reliable leader that taught them how to work together despite all odds. They are a party with diverse personalities that clash often but still managed to live together. (Spoiler) They soon realize that world they ‘awakened’ into is not just a magical word but a real world where they could die. Convincingly, the death of one the major characters has brought me to tears as we feel the loss of their comrades. They soon struggle to keep themselves together with whatever was left of them.

The anime has 5 episodes so far and I refuse to read the manga just because I want to be surprised on how it will go and end. I saw a few posters of their light novel featuring the new girl that recently joined them and a girl and guy not yet introduced. On this note, I feel that something good will happen and they will slowly but surely reach that One Punch Man level of  OPness. If you are in it for the feels and subtle adventures then this anime is perfect.

More info from http://myanimelist.net/anime/31859/Hai_to_Gensou_no_Grimgar





How to identify a dutertard?


DUTERTARDS- Duterte followers and supporters who acts like retards and trolls the internet.

Elections are near and the circus has started! Will talk about the man himself soon, maybe a miracle will happen and he will do something ‘normal’ and relevant before then. Or maybe NOT. Remember the kissing spree?

Now back to my favorite subject, the duterte minions or dutertards as they were branded by other netizens. This is timely since the campaign period as started and we need to identify who not to listen to as we think or rethink who we want to vote as President.

Who are they? They are like your Aldub Nation, only lesser and more rowdy. They flood groups, blogs, viral fb pages with comments endorsing the man himself saying he is the right president but offering very little why. They are always present on other candidate’s wall spouting every dirt, mud and gravel on their faces. Speaking on dirt, the man likes to dirty himself in public by doing the following: curse the pope, admit being a womanizer, support the other corrupt candidate, vow to free other corrupt politicians, kissing spree during his campaign and provoke slapfest and fist fights after giving false information.  So the job of his minions is to whitewash those away by finding a retired priest, general or self proclaimed professional to say something cool about him and regain his credibility. Loop constantly on his promised fight against corruption wherein he is clearly contradicting himself. Dutertards will always compare your ugly city to their very modern, ‘first class’ city and how you don’t know what it feels like. Duh? They will brand you as fake, a liar or even report you for spam while they create an account with generic name, stolen pictures and create misleading posts.Remember that incident with the pope? They connived with some satirical website saying the pope praised him. In fairness to them, they have all the time in the world to create memes and posters to flood on the comments section of rappler, abs cbn news, gma news or even top gear.

With this in mind, let me reiterate that not every supporter he has are like that (but majority are). I know a lot of people who are as irritated as I am with them because of their actions but it is still best to ignore them. Take it from me, there are a lot of times I tried to make an intellectual debate with them, you would just end up getting cursed or mobbed or flooded by weird and irrelevant comments. My goal probably for this is for people to know who to skip when trying to read the comments. And if you are one of them reading this, you’d probably try to argue but these are facts. No need to screenshot people and their troll posts, just visit rappler and you’ll find heaps of them there.

Poke that Queen: Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 8

If you are a fan of the previous season of Rupaul’s Drag Race just like I am, then the long wait is over. The new season is about to air Monday, March 7 at 9/8c on Logo.  https://www.facebook.com/rupaulsdragrace/videos/10153399052017828/

Here is the list of the S8 Queen who will try to snatch your heart and the title. You can watch a short interview with queens here: http://logo.to/1nJJ15D

  • Acid Betty
  • Bob the Drag Queen
  • Chi Chi DeVayne
  • Cynthia Lee Fontaine
  • Derrick Barry
  • Kim Chi
  • Laila McQueen
  • Naomi Smalls
  • Naysha Lopez
  • Robbie Turner
  • Thorgy Thor
  • Dax the Exclamation Point

If you have been reading comments and visiting the queens fanpages, then fan favorites are Bob the Drag Queen, Kim Chi, Acid Betty and Derrick Barry. My top picks are the same but I feel Kim Chi will win this year.

On a side note, the best thing about the show is that winners and even non winners are able to skyrocket their careers unlike other reality shows. Rupaul is a very supportive mentor and queen in and out of the competition that is why the gay community loves her. With the drag renaissance, queens can look fishy, campy, fashion forward, vintage or fabulous. There’s a lot of diversity this year and we definitely expect more once the show starts.


Poke that anime: Boku dake ga Inai Machi

If you are a shut in NEET or otaku just like myself, then you are probably also watching new anime releases this season. Top on my list is ERASED or Boku dake ga Inai Machi which means “The town where only I am missing”. More information can be found here:


Credits to: myanimelist.net

This is an ongoing series and I have watched 4 of the available episodes but I am convinced this deserved to on the top spot. The plot kind of reminds me of Steins gate where they use a machine to go back in time but the premise here is a bit different. The main character can only activate his ‘revival’ ability (description on synopsis pic above) when something tragic happens. Spoiler alert: His mother dies so we see him go back in time to solve a murder mystery from his childhood since the killer the same one who killed his mom. Although, it is very easy to guess who the murderer is,if you have watched enough Detective Conan, it still remains interesting as we feel the struggle of the protagonist to change his fate and watch more people die when he fails to do so. If you had enough harem or SAO-like anime in your life then this is like a breath of fresh air.  

You can watch the anime here:


Note: I used to watch from Gogoanime but their site has a lot of ads and issues with loading so I recommend trying KissaniBoku-dake-ga-Inai-Machi